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7 Life Skills That Poker Can Give You

Rate this Article Did you know you can learn life skills while playing poker? If not, well... now you do! Poker Worldz - 7 Life Skills That Poker Can Give You

The word 'Poker' has most people's undivided attention. Some conjure up ideas of sudden, overnight wealth and riches and others picture people losing all their money. The truth about Poker is neither the former nor the latter. What is true, though, is that people learn a lot from this game of cards. Indulging in Poker actually has several benefits for people.

The greatest differentiation between Poker and many other games of luck is that Poker is a game of skill. You can't game a lottery ticket – except in the movies – but learn how to play Poker and you will be in a position to make money. But, surely there has to be something else that people learn from playing Poker, apart from the art of playing Poker? There is. Here's a list of 7 aspects that people learn about when they play Poker.


Poker involves a lot of Math and if a person pays attention, over time they learn a lot about Math and numbers in general. A typical Poker player has to understand the world of statistics and probabilities quickly. This helps them to decide whether they should take the risk of a game or not. For example, if a person is winning only once in three games, and the minimum bet each time is $10, it wouldn't make sense if the total pot is less than $30. This is the lesson in probability that you learn while calculating something that's called 'pot odds'.


A Poker player has to be careful about not revealing his game plan to their opponent – which is difficult if the player's modus operandi is well known. Simply put, if the opponent knows that a Poker player bluffs frequently, they will be bold in taking their chances. That same opponent will play a risk free game if they find out that the particular player doesn't use the art of bluffing quite a lot. So, a Poker player has to make a mix and match in his strategy. In fact, playing Poker is an opportunity for you to use with incredible social skills.

Game Theory

Apart from strategy, Poker also helps one learn game theory and advanced game theory. Game theory is a concept through which a person learns how they can succeed in situations where their success is dependent on the actions and decisions of others. Understanding game theory is a critical requirement in the digital world today. Many entrepreneurs play online games only to get exposure to game theory.

Sharpening Focus

Another aspect that playing Poker sharpens for a person is their focus and concentration. Poker is a party game and a social game and there are chances that one is surrounded by fun and frolic while playing the game, in which you can lose or win money. So, playing Poker can go towards sharpening one's focus and increasing your concentration.

The Value of Money

There's nothing like a good card game to teach someone the value of money and hard cash. If one don't have the money, you can't sit at the table – there can't be a more basic lesson about cash than this. Another lesson that people learn is that people can win and lose – and therefore make and lose money all due to a single action or decision. Seeing money come in and go out with such consistency, you can develop a detachment to it, but always remember the value it adds.

Learning about People

Poker thrusts people into a social world and people can pick up many social and interacting skills in the world of Poker. A game of Poker also teaches a person to be observant and understand the situation by the reflexes and interactions of other people – and therefore decide to take action.

Playing Poker tells you not just about people but also about adapting to situations and thinking on your feet. You quickly learn how to behave around a person who has lost a considerable amount of money in Poker. You understand what it means to congratulate another who made a great deal of amount at the table today. In addition, because Poker is a game played worldwide and by people of all lifestyles, you have the opportunity to make countless friends and gain insights into life those others will rarely have.

Emotional Maturity

People win and lose money in Poker, and that teaches them the maturity to not be invested emotionally in the money that they have, lose and win. Poker is a game in which a person wins or loses. Playing the game in the long run teaches a person to take wins and losses in their stride.

These are just 7 of the most important life lessons that a game of Poker teaches people. Who knew that a simple game could do this much!

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